Strategic policy advice

As a government relations and public affairs expert with 15+ years of experience, I assist businesses and organisations to advocate a clear vision and purpose, boost their brand recognition and drive viable outcomes.


I connect leaders of institutions, business, academia, and civil society organisations to drive policy that rewards frontrunners and makes sustainability a competitive advantage. 

Public Affairs

With my experience, network, and insights, I support you with a tailored approach to become an essential and reliable policy partner. 

Strategic Partnerships

Together, we develop your stakeholder relations for a constructive dialogue and joint action to scale the sustainability policy agenda.

Capacity Building

I am training people, teams and organisations to become active policy partners based on a comprehensive understanding of the context.

Wirén-Lehr Consulting

Dr. Sabine von Wirén-Lehr

Avenue des Geméaux 20

1410 Waterloo, Belgium

+32 475 858707