Strategic Partnerships

Together, we develop your stakeholder relations for a constructive dialogue and joint action to scale and shape sustainability policy agendas.


My core services:

  • Identifying opportunities for shared engagement on environment and agri-food chain policies.
  • Connecting you with leaders from business, institutions, civil society organisations and knowledge partners. 
  • Convening and moderating roundtables to stimulate exchange of views, know-how and common action


  • Excellent networking and stakeholder management skills
  • Proven ability to initiate and lead strategic business partnerships with key stakeholders (Ellen MacArthur Foundation, EU Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform, #Think2030, the EU Dialogue on Sustainability Transition) 
  • Expertise in building frameworks for meaningful government relations including tools for stakeholder management, outreach and engagement in public initiatives.
  • Longstanding experience in relationship and consensus building as representative of 45 international control bodies and as head of a multistakeholder forum on Water Stewardship including EU institutions, multinational companies, NGOs and expert groups, resulting in the implementation of the world’s first Water Stewardship standard and certification scheme for agriculture and industry
  • Regular speaker and engaged member of the international business community (Packaging Waste and Sustainability Forum, Biofach, European Parliament Intergroup on ‘Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development).

Wirén-Lehr Consulting

Dr. Sabine von Wirén-Lehr

Avenue des Geméaux 20

1410 Waterloo, Belgium

+32 475 858707